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Hello, this is my livejournal/dreamwidth and I can't stop thinking about swordmaidens!!! They're so awesome and totally sweet!!!

I am here for:

1. Typing out cool/unusual/funny/stupid quotations from the books I work on at my library job and posting them here.

2. My friends' page.

3. Book clubs.

4. Lulz.

I still read but I'm a terrible review-writer, and I might as well not advertise this fact on my front page any more than necessary. Therefore, I have moved all book stuff to one page : List here. Add please! I love to read as widely as possible.

A list of fallacies.

The icons: my default icon is the beautiful Princess Sorsha from the movie Willow as she stands outside a castle. I couldn't find a very good picture of Sorsha with a sword, but she uses one and counts as a swordmaiden.
Next, "mara swinging lightsaber," is Mara Jade on the box cover of the computer game Mysteries of the Sith. Lightsabers count as swords.
On that note, the third icon is Sariss from the computer game Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. An evil swordmaiden, or was she?
Fourth is Éowyn from the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, but you probably knew that.
Fifth or sixth is art by Luis Royo, titled "Eyeliner Labyrinth." It's found in the art book 3 Millennium. This icon will change to another Royo art piece someday, as it has before. Can't have too much Royo.
Sixth, "misc swordmaiden" is currently another Eowyn, but I'll change that someday.

The title of my journal is Old Irish and a common saying in its literature. The subtitle translates it.


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